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Thank you for considering The Cosmo Collective as your new salon home! We understand changing salons is a big deal and can raise many questions and concerns! We have created this page to answer all of your questions and give you an idea of what it’s like working at

“The Cosmo Collective."

Before we get started let us share a few quick things about us:

  • We are a booth rental salon for independent stylists.

  • We are located in Brooks Alberta.

  • Our salon is spacious, safe and gorgeous!

  •  All stylists have their own businesses within our space.

  •  We take pride in creating a supportive and welcoming environment.

  •  Our salon is the perfect place to grow your business and build your dreams.

Why its called "The Cosmo Collective."

The Cosmo Collective is about community and connection.

Having owned and operated Cosmo Hair Studio for the last 15 years, we have watched our industry change dramatically over the last 3 years. The employee model at Como Hair Studio was amazing, but it did not allow our stylists the freedom and flexibility that they needed. With this realization, we decided to take a huge risk and re-brand our beloved salon into something that our community of stylists needed. This allowed our staff the freedom to move to rental, while staying within the collective of stylists that we have trained, supported and worked with under the umbrella of Cosmo Hair Studio. 

Salon History and Our Story

Our salon is an extension of our vision. Our goal is to bring together stylists of all backgrounds and skill sets to work together in our beautiful shared space. We encourage independence and freedom while encouraging and supporting stylists to grow their empire inside of ours!

“Build a dream big enough that others can build their dream within.”

About the Owners

Cosmo Headshots-240227-014.jpg

Dianne   &   Amanda

Amanda and Dianne have been in the industry for over two decades and have learned a lot along the way by taking chances, trying new things, experiencing failures, and most importantly NEVER GIVING UP!

Their experience as a salon owners is vast and has evolved over the years. They are proud to offer The Cosmo Collective as a place for stylists to build their dreams!


Amanda has extensive knowledge in the salon business, having coached with Stylist icons; Britt Seva and Gina Bianca. She's a dog mom to Penny and Copper, has a duck named Scrooge and loves being a wife! However, Amanda will always be a hair stylist, specializing in curly hair and a mentor to the stylists she works along side!

Dianne has extensive knowledge in inventory and ensures that the salon is always stocked up. She's a dog mom to Nyla, Emmie and Lady, she's an excellent cook and has won first place at The Brooks Smoker Wars competition. However, Dianne will always be a hairstylist, specializing in precision cutting and  mentor to the stylists she works along side!


It is an honor to own a business and provide a place for hairstylists to learn, grow and flourish. - Dianne & Amanda

Our Mission


Our Mission 

Our mission is to elevate the beauty industry by providing a safe environment for stylists to maximize their potential through education, mentoring and a collaborative supportive environment.

Our Values

What are our values?

When your values are clear, making decisions become easier!

We believe in progress, not perfection, and, do our best as a company to live within our values every day. If you’d like to work in our salon, It is important that our values align.


We believe in putting yourself and your health first. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health are more important than any business we do.


We believe kindness is the cornerstone for all healthy business relationships and practice kindness every single day.


We believe boundaries are how you can love and care for others while loving and caring for yourself.


We believe in being who you are, saying how you feel, and providing a safe place to do so. The Cosmo Collective is a place where stylists and clients fill their cups every day. We are honored to have an incredible ripple effect by elevating the beauty industry and making our community a better place.


We encourage our artists to grow in any direction they choose and support them by giving them the tools to make successful business decisions.

Our Salon Is Different.

Here are some of the amazing things we do that set us apart from all other salons and make it crazy for you not to join us!

Supportive Environment: The most important thing to us is that you feel seen, heard, valued and appreciated. We focus on creating a supportive environment for all of our stylists so you can show up, focus on your guests, and create your dream business within ours.

At The Cosmo Collective you will experience a beautiful, clean salon. Our amenities include an amazing support staff to greet your guests, retail in stock, On-line booking and a streamlined front desk system.  This allows you to spend more time creating, less time running errands and more time building your dreams with other likeminded artists.


Guest Experience: The main reason we are all behind the chair is to serve our guests and provide them with an incredible experience, right? Our salon is clean, comfortable, relaxed and has a beautiful aesthetic and positive vibe that your guests will love. People walk in and say “wow!” All of our stylists are so pleased that they can offer their clients this incredible space to relax and be pampered. The Cosmo Collective will help you provide a service experience you can truly be proud of.

Relaxed Culture and Vibe: Our non-toxic, welcoming and accepting vibe is very relaxed and allows all of our artists to fully express their creativity and enjoy their job. The collective is a place where you can be yourself. Ask any stylist how the vibe is at The Cosmo Collective and let them tell you!


Growth and Support: We want you to achieve all of your dreams. It’s worthy to mention our abundance mindset in relation to growth. We want our stylists to grow and follow their dreams, even if that means they don’t stay with us forever. Our door is always open and we are grateful to be a part of your journey.


Education: We love to connect and grow through education because it’s a huge part of our brand and culture. We host education classes in our salon every quarter, and enjoy travelling to classes together outside of our community. 


Space, and Organization: Our space is small, and yet we maintain a well organized salon floor. 

We include a locked cabinet for your color, gorgeous stations with your own personal trolley, and lots of room in our break room for you to enjoy. We also carry color, retail and supplies if you’d prefer the convenience of grabbing it when you need it.

Aesthetic and Lighting: The Cosmo Collective has an earthy, warm vibe that is welcoming, relaxed and cool with accents of natural wood, black iron and creamy tones. We have big windows, providing natural lighting and extra lights on each station for your evening appointments.

Reputation and Marketing: We take pride in our fabulous reputation and embrace social media to the fullest. Our Instagram page is active and stylists can enjoy being reposted and promoted on all of our channels. All stylists also get a free website page on our gorgeous and professional website. We can help you build a custom page or you can keep it simple and link your own website! We also have a dedicated space in the salon that great for taking photos of your work. 

Our salon does experience overflow and requests, so if you’re available, don’t be surprised if your client book grows being at the cosmo collective.

Freedom and Flexibility, but with Community:

The best part about being booth rental is the freedom, flexibility and financial benefit. The best part of working in a great salon is the team and community feel. At The Cosmo Collective you have both.

Relatable owner, leadership, mentorship:

Having a mentor is key and Amanda is happy to mentor and guide you through your journey. Amanda has more of a “big sister” energy than a helicopter parent. If you need her, she is there. Since she has been a hairstylist for over two decades and is still behind the chair, she will always relate to stylists. She understands the challenges the industry faces every day, she actively coaches with Britt Seva and uses this knowledge to mentor others. 


Our salon is safe and secure with cameras, cleanliness and culture! We take pride in keeping a spotless salon, ensuring all guests and stylists feel safe and enjoy their space. We have cameras rolling and recording, covering the entire salon and we are constantly asking, “how can we make our salon even more safe and secure?”

Appreciation and Gratitude: We understand there are thousands of salons you can choose from and we are honored when people choose to build their dreams within ours. Every artist in our salon is incredible in their own way and are amazing and kind humans. We are truly grateful every day for the artists who believe in our brand enough to work within our walls. We will always be appreciative and grateful for our stylists!

What's Included in Your Membership?

• Access to the salon Monday - Saturday 

•  Guest care support - We have guest care support and managers available during the day. 

• Space is luxury - each stylist has a spacious station,  a locked color cabinet for storage, a trolley for personal use, and a spacious break room to store personal belongings. 

• Refreshments provided for guests including bottled water, seltzer, snacks, coffee, tea and more.

• Professional color and supplies available in the dispensary. 

• Shampoo, conditioner and each styling product we carry are available for backbar use.

• Stylists have their own website page on our website that can be completely customized or redirected to a current website.

• We provide capes, towels, bowls, brushes, color books, whisks, etc. Our salon has everything you need to perform your services all you have to bring is yourself and your client!

• Leases 6 months, however we only require 30 days notice before ending your lease.

* Two free weeks for vacation is available after your first 6 months, and every year after that. 

• Stylists are allowed to double book up to two guests at a time and use up two chairs (your chair and a sink or your chair and a color bar chair) at a time.​​

• We have connections and can help you grow your current business or side hustles by being a part of The Cosmo Collective.

Rental  Options &  Rates



24/6 Access

Sole Chair Workspace.


This option gives you the most flexibility, and freedom to work the schedule that suits you best.


No Access on Sundays.


$288.75 per gst

2-3-4 Access

Shared chair workspace


Choose and commit to the days of the week that you prefer to work and that suit your lifestyle.

Days chosen can’t exceed four and can be no less than two.

Consecutive days is preferred.


No Access on Sundays.


$65.00 per day. inc gst

24/6 Access

Sole Chair Workspace.


This option gives you the most flexibility, and freedom to work the schedule that suits you best.


No Access on Sundays.


$300.00 per week. inc gst

2-3-4 Access

Shared chair workspace


Choose and commit to the days of the week that you prefer to work and that suit your lifestyle.

Days chosen can’t exceed four and can be no less than two.

Consecutive days is preferred.


No Access on Sundays.


$70.00 per day. inc gst

Other Expenses To Consider

  • Bank charges and credit card interest - 2%

  • Professional savings - 2%

  • Licenses and permits - 1% You must maintain your cosmetology license.

  • Liability insurance - 1% All artists are required to carry their own insurance which is very affordable - we have recommendations for you to get this handled.

  • WCB Coverage. 

  • Rainy day fund, vacation fund, time off fund, maternity leave fund etc.

*All artists are responsible for their own taxes. 

Who Are We Looking For?

Now that you’ve learned everything we offer as part of an incredible value and reasonable membership, we’d like to share with you who we are looking for.


We are looking for professional and kind artists to join our team. We are a very easy going group with no drama and a very great thing going. We value our culture and are dedicated to protecting it at all costs. As you have learned already in our values section, we want people to join our community who share the same values as we do. Here are some other things we look for when bringing aboard new artists to our salon…


Professional: Our salon is very laid back and we are able to be laid back because we only bring aboard professional artists. We have no dress-code and encourage all stylists to be themselves. However, we want to work with stylists who have a professional image and who we will be comfortable working along side each other. We expect all Collective stylists to use professional language during work time. Our primary goal is providing a safe space and a welcoming, relaxing vibe so we must be straightforward and say we value true professionals.

Clean: We value cleanliness and have a sterling reputation for a clean salon. stylists must be clean and maintain their station and tools to a high standard. We also share a workspace, so we need to count on each other to clean up after ourselves. We coach in the moment and remind artists to clean up after themselves to maintain a comfortable and clean environment for all.

Positive Mindset: Are you constantly looking for what’s wrong? We spend more time at work than at home on average and we really appreciate when our stylists have a positive attitude. We are always here for you if you need support. Our ideal stylists can draw the line and set boundaries to keep our culture from becoming toxic. We will remind ourstylists to keep it positive or keep it to themselves.


Value and Practice Kindness: Kindness makes the world go round. Everything we do in our salon is out of love and kindness. We hope to surround ourselves with more kind people as our team expands.


Possess Good Communication Skills: Speaking your mind can be difficult. However, if there is ever anything bothering you about your work environment we would love to discuss it. We want people to bring their concerns, comments and questions directly to our attention so that we can address them. This way we eliminate stylists gossiping, holding in their feelings and building resentments.


Mindful of Others: Since we are in a shared workspace, mindfulness is key. We hope to work with mindful stylists who take into consideration the world around them and respect

Culture Contract

All stylists will be required to sign a culture contract in order to work at The Cosmo Collective.

Anyone violating our culture contract while working at The Cosmo Collective will receive one verbal warning, followed by one written warning. 

If a third recorded incident occurs the lessee will be given 14 days notice to vacate their station and move on.

Again, at The Cosmo Collective, we value a safe, comfortable and non-toxic workplace more than being fully occupied.

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